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Perth is on the west coast of Australia boasting beautiful weather and, literally, endless day trips. Western Australia, like the rest of Australia, is vast.

When you land in Perth you feel like it’s the gateway to the desert and in part, that’s true and part of its charm. Perth feels like one of the most isolated cities in the world, because it is.

Francois Peron National Park
Francois Peron National Park is a national park on the Peron Peninsula in Western Australia, 726 km north of Perth

On Average, it’s a four hour flight to Sydney and a five hour flight to Melbourne. With isolation comes cost, and Perth is an expensive place to live (well above average). 

Eating out in Perth is ~25% higher than Sydney or Melbourne. That written, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, all within 15 – 40 minutes drive of the CBD. Perth is also a quick flight to Bali, Indonesia and takes less time than is does to fly to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane (3 hours and 45 minutes). Student accommodation is in abundance in the CBD and small bars are growing as a result. It’s a place with many spaces to explore; mostly natural, living, Australian landscapes like no other.

Perth Affordability

Average rent per room Perth (Q2, 2019)
Apartment $AUD
Share House $AUD

Falling house and apartment prices and rent has pushed rental affordability in Perth to as good a level as it is likely to see.

Passenger Jet
On Average, it’s a four hour flight to Sydney and a five hour flight to Melbourne.
Graffiti in Perth
Perth's street art game is strong.

Perth Weather

Perth is pretty warm most of the year, with sea breezes in summer (Dec–Feb). Winter (Jun–Aug) is often rainy, but the prevailing winds are offshore (and better for surfing at this time of the year).
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