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When will international students be able to travel to Australia?

For students hoping to travel to Australia for their education, an October timeframe, with the possibility of earlier in ideal conditions, seems to be a reasonable estimate right now.

6 common mistakes to avoid when submitting your Student Visa Application

We have developed a list of common pitfalls to avoid when applying for your student visa in Australia – from OSHC to GTE, here are 6 important factors to consider when preparing your student visa application.

From USA to G’Day

Why Australia is the new land of opportunity for American Students.

Overall student satisfaction – what matters most?

Staying current with student preferences, and enhancing the learning experience through initiatives and deeper collaboration with support services, is a critical to remaining competitive in the global student market.

Students support high skill, high wage jobs in the education sector

After weeks of speculation following Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s suggestion that his Government was considering a cap on the number of international students in Melbourne and Sydney, Minister Coleman cautioned against calls to cut the number of international students in Australia.