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6 Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

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Why Study Abroad in Australia?

Many aspiring students wish to study abroad because doing so offers a much more diverse experience than a local institute can provide. It allows you to experience a new culture and lifestyle so that you can also grow as a person during your studies.

The biggest decision any student who wishes to study abroad is choosing the destination. Due to the popularity of the English language worldwide, many students prefer going to an English-speaking country in order to minimise the language barrier. USA and UK are the two most popular choices for such English-speaking countries. However, ranking at a very close third is Australia. Along with a sound education system that is globally recognised and educational institutes that rank among the best, Australia offers an experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world.

Australian Lifestyle

People and Lifestyle

Australia boasts a diverse culture and an amiable environment where you are guaranteed to feel right at home, while also revelling in how new the whole experience is. Australia is more than just a large expanse of land with flora and fauna that has been the envy of other countries. The major cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth offer a standard of living that is equal to – if not better than – some of the most popular cities in the world.

In terms of safety, major Australian cities rank really high and are often touted as some of the easiest places in the world to live in.

The laid-back attitude of the ‘Aussies’, along with a high tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity, means you will find Australia to be a place where you can coexist peacefully and happily with people from all cultures and beliefs.

Attractions and Recreational Options

In Australia, you won’t be pressed for choices when planning out your next big adventure. From natural to man-made attractions, Australia has it all. For the nature lovers, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree National Park will only be two of the many places to see. On top of this, the 500+ national parks (incredible 28 million hectares), numerous wildlife sanctuaries, and other conservation sites, you will always have a lot to do and experience. When it comes to arts and other forms of recreation, Australia is second to none. From impressive art exhibitions, historic sites, contemporary dance, and opera performances, you are in for some experiences of a lifetime.

Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

Along with a lifestyle and opportunities for adventure, more and more students are now turning towards Australia as the ideal place to pursue their educational goals, and for good reason. Here are 6 reasons why you should also choose Australia for studying abroad…

1. Land of Opportunities

As an English-speaking country, it is a popular choice for international students who are looking to minimize the language barrier. Additionally, the diversity of cultures, amiable nature of the relatives, a relaxed environment and limitless opportunities for personal growth and development, Australia is a most desirable destination for many students who wish to study abroad.

2. Exemplary Education System

Employers, companies, and institutes everywhere in the world accept degrees earned in Australian educational institutes and often give preference to these graduates thanks to the stellar reputation that the Australian education system has made for itself. From course curriculums to amenities and other standards, the Australian government maintains a strict check and balance to ensure conformity to this high standard.

3. Living Cost Versus Standard of Living

In Australia, you are guaranteed some of the highest standards of living, and that too at a relatively affordable cost of living and tuition (the AUD is at relative lows against the USD currently). Moreover, international students are free to take up part-time work along with their studies to help ease their financial burdens or apply for scholarships (see point 6 below).

4. Plenty of Educational Options

There is no shortage of highly reputed educational institutes in Australia, all of which offer a wide range of programs and degrees so that you can always find a course and an institute to match your requirements. Urban Student offers a free service to help you find the best course possible.

5. Quality of Research and Technology

Australia is paving the way for innovations and advancements in research and technology in all fields. While studying in any educational institute of Australia, you can take full advantage of these research, scientific and technological resources.

6. Permission to Work

International students can take up to 40 hours of part-time work per fortnight while their classes are in session (to help manage living expenses and maintain a higher standard of living). During semester breaks or when classes aren’t in session, they can work for an unlimited number of hours. Minimum wage is over $18, which means students can earn just under $700 a week when working full-time.  

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