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Adelaide or ‘RADelaide’ is the capital of Australia’s only ‘freehold’ state. That means, the only land that is not owned by the Commonwealth. If you buy land in South Australia, you own it. The end.

Adelaide is also known as the city of churches; not because of the physical number of churches but due to the many denominations of religious institutions represented. That said, 28% of Adelaide’s residents are stated as having ‘no religion’, making it one of the least religious cities in Australia.

Adelaide is the gateway to the Barossa Valley. Therein, is the great magnet of this city, wine and lots of it. 79 vineyards are listed in total. That’s more than a vineyard a week to visit! 

Grapes Barossa Valley
The Barossa Valley is a renowned wine-producing region northeast of Adelaide.

Adelaide is also a coastal city with beautiful beaches named Seacliff, Brighton, Somerton and Glenelg. The food scene is growing, the student scene is lively but best of all, this location is affordable to live. Did I mention wine?

Adelaide Affordability

Average rent per room Adelaide (Q2, 2019)
Apartment $AUD
Share House $AUD

Adelaide’s outer northern suburbs have been named the city’s most affordable for renters.

Pink Moon Saloon Adelaide
Pink Moon looks like a chalet that's been compacted between two high-rises, been named best bar of the year several times.
Malt and Juniper
Malt and Juniper is an intimate gin & whisky bar located on Adelaide's iconic laneway Peel St.

Adelaide Weather

Adelaide is hot and dry in Summer, making it a popular time to visit. Winters (Jun–Aug) are mild but prone to rain.
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