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Newcastle is a thriving university city ~1.5 hours drive north of Sydney and boasts beaches, experimental food, a thriving student and start-up culture that runs circles around other regional centres.

Newcastle is a living, breathing example of gentrification and has gone from Port, to coal, to Industry 4.0 in literally three decades. Whether it’s surfing, free ocean bathing, national parks or city living, Newcastle has it all (affordably).

Newcastle NSW
Newcastle is a harbour city 2 hours north of Sydney. Its plentiful beaches are linked by the Bathers Way coastal walk.

Newcastle, whilst close to Sydney, is also the gateway to the Hunter Valley, another famous Australian wine region and home to some Australian greats like Tyrrell’s, Tulloch, Hanging Tree and Hungerford Hill. There’s so much to see and do. The only downside of student life in ‘Newy’ is that it is often harder to find part-time work here than say, Sydney or Melbourne.

Newcastle Affordability

Average rent per room Newcastle (Q2, 2019)
Apartment $AUD
Share House $AUD

Its more affordable to rent in Newcastle than Sydney (by a fair margin).

Newcastle Fire Drum
Newcastle is one of New South Wales' most underrated destinations.
Newcastle has a burgeoning coffee scene and loads of great cafes.
Newcastle has a burgeoning coffee scene and loads of great cafes.

Newcastle Weather

Newcastle's weather is similar to Sydney's, and is warm year-round. Nov–Mar is often fairly hot, with summer thunderstorms.
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