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How to Apply for a Student Visa to Australia

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Student Visa Australia Requirements

Australia is a popular destination for many international students looking to study abroad, due primarily to the vast number of prestigious (and globally acclaimed) educational institutes, and the quality and affordability of education at all levels. Quality of life ‘down under’, and other factors have given rise to more and more students turning towards Australia to pursue their educational goals and / or their next adventure.

If you are also one of those aspiring students who are hoping to study abroad or are simply looking for an adventure down under (combined with some work and play), here’s all you need to know.

Student visa subclass 500

Over the years, a lot of changes have been made to the application process for student visas in Australia. Overall, these changes have made the entire process more efficient and streamlined for the students.

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Applying to a study is only one of the steps in the process (securing your admission with a registered training organisation or tertiary institution, is the first step). 

Student Visa Australia Conditions

The first thing you need to know is which department of the Australian government you need to reach out to in order to get your student visa.

In Australia, the visas and permits for entering the country are issued by the Department of Home Affairs. Regardless of the educational institute you are applying to or the program you are enrolling for, the Department of Home Affairs will be handling your application process for a student visa.

Applying for an Australian Student Visa Online

For prospective students who are offshore (not residing in Australia) at the time of beginning their student visa application, they have the convenience of applying online. 

As mentioned above, students can only commence the application process once they have secured admission in some educational institute and have received some form of acceptance letter or a Confirmation of Enrolment to demonstrate that they have indeed obtained an admission successfully and that you have also accepted the educational institute’s offer to enrol in that program. 

Once you have the confirmatory documents at hand, you can get started on the online application process for a student visa (this is a one of fee of ~$618 unless exempt).

As per the guidelines issued by the Department of Home Affairs for the transitional period, those prospective students who are living in Australia at the time of applying for a new student visa in Australia, too need to apply online. However, they can start the application process even after they have only received an offer letter (or a conditional enrolment).

The online application process for a student visa issued by the Department of Home Affairs will gauge your eligibility for a visa according to a number of criteria. These criteria include proficiency in English and the degree of financial assistance that will be required by the applicant. These requirements are in addition to the general requirements such a good character, overall health, and a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE).  The entire list of the documents and eligibility criteria set forth by the Home Affairs Department can be found on their website.

Work Permit with Your Student Visa

Once you have secured a student visa for Australia you also have permission to work in Australia. Once your program starts, you can work for up to 40 hours every fortnight but can work for as many hours as you like when your program isn’t in session.

Like to get started?

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